Change printer settings mac os x

We'll need root access in order to search the entire boot partition, since some areas are protected against general access.

How to Print in Black & White on Mac

Note that you must be an administrator to use this command, and it'll ask for your admin password to verify your identity. Change the setting. In this case, select a new printer in the Print Center window, then select "Make Default" from the Printers menu. This guide explains how to print in black and white on your Mac, and it also outlines how to set up your own preset for printing without color, and what to do in case of problems.

Printing in black and white is basically the same as printing in color, but you specifically have to instruct your Mac to tell the printer to print this way. Most programs print the same basic way and if your program is radically different, we'll assume you already know how to access its printing options. Here are the basic steps in order to print in black and white.

Once you select that, the Mac's printing options are available to you. In such a case, you need to continue after Step 4 as described below and as shown in the image above.

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That's it, although you should be prepared for the possibility that, depending on your printer or version of macOS, you might see a different term from either "Grayscale" or "Black. If you tend to print regularly in black and white, you can actually save yourself the hassle of fiddling with options every time you open the Print feature.

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  • Make sure you have all Apple software updates installed!

Give your printer setting group an appropriate name, and then click OK. Now instead of seeing Standard as the only option in the Presets pop-up menu, you will also see your custom-made presets.

Change / Set Default Printer in Settings - Mac OS X

Just choose the group you want, and all of the changes you previously made to your printer settings will automatically be applied. I set up different presets for my printers to save toner, and to print only in black and white.

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