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The Steam sound engine was introduced in September with Omnisphere. However, some new features have been introduced to reflect the character of the instrument. Both the release samples and legato intervals can be switched on and off in the main control screen.

Spectrasonics Release Trilian Version 1.2 with 64-Bit Support

These pitch extremes are obviously well beyond the compass of any stringed instrument and may, therefore, sound ridiculous to purists, but believe me, there are creative uses for those kinds of outer limits. Spectrasonics have always diligently supplied versions of their instruments with reduced numbers of samples to ease the burden on systems.

In the Akai years, programs would come in A, B, C and D variants, each using progressively fewer samples to help squeeze more instruments into the hardware sampler's tiny RAM memory. This trend continues in Trilian with configurable 'Lite' versions of instruments. Each patch loads with its own main screen custom controls.

You can design your own main custom control screens, which will be automatically saved and recalled along with each user patch you create. Speaking of large numbers, victims of the economic downturn i. As I've found with every Spectrasonics instrument and library I've played to date, Trilian is an investment that won't let you down.

Sonnox Announces 64-Bit Support for Oxford Plug-Ins

Following the example of Spectrasonics' Bass Legends, several companies have issued titles that combine electric and acoustic basses. On the market now are the Of the dozens of individual bass-guitar libraries out there, Scarbee's select range promise to be the most forensically sampled. Bass Legacy Trilian groups the most important top-level controls on one page for quick editing.

Alternatives Following the example of Spectrasonics' Bass Legends, several companies have issued titles that combine electric and acoustic basses. Novation Bass Station. The name says it all.

Dial in Steam's 'Flame' distortion unit's 'Melt' preset and you're ready to burn the house down if you don't blow your speakers first. Studio Bass Full Range: Jaco Fretless sustain: Shut your eyes and you could be listening to the great man himself.

Marcus Hood Boom: Fifteen years since we first heard them in Bass Legends, Mr Miller's subsonic rumblings still hit the spot. Trilogy Martin Harmonics: Tough Tweety: Plucky CS80 Arps: No guitar bully will dare kick sand in your face once he's heard you playing this. Buy PDF version.

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Previous article Next article. New forum posts Re: From delicate and expressive acoustic models through earth-shattering electric and synth basses, Trilian produces superb results that define and enhance the low end of your mix. In fact, it could be much more besides. Its forte is with bass and if you're drawn to its electric and upright 'side', then you'll find plenty of what you're looking for, as the plug-in produces stunning, lifelike performances with sumptuous bass recordings which come alive under your fingers Product Videos converSAtions.

Aggregate your sound cards on a Mac: Tapas Relia Trusted and loved by musicians since Add Another item. With its comprehensive design, Trilian brings many different types of Bass together into one extraordinary-sounding virtual instrument. Trilian is designed from the ground up to be the most versatile bass virtual instrument available today with a new level of expressive, real-time performance for acoustic and electric basses — plus cutting-edge synth bass tones with powerful editing and extraordinary sound quality.


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Spectrasonics Releases New Stylus RMX Version 1.2

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