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Chooee shades of pine or Samoa. It- C—mtl. TraU CU. Washable outer cov- erlng, rayon linings and porkcU and durAe sipper Nosing with lock. Choose shades of Jet or Uue. Each tUt. Neither were deemed by the prtn- olpali to hava aalflrlent volume of tourlat traHlc. Backera of the acheme firat aug- gcated Beacon Hill Park and when that eraa turned down came up with Failure of the dty to apptmc an aocepuble du tor a nOMO model alaem railway here haa derailed the entire pia]eet, parka chairman Aid.

Millard Mooney aaid yaaterday. He eald promotera of the tourlat attraction hava abandoned hope of getting the lAOO-foot icenlc railway - Vlctoria'i Memorial Arena—faced with the km al prcfearional hockey gatea and dwindUng lacroaae re- rs Icelpta—haa raached a critical crosaroada In iti long hlatory.

ColoBlat photo. Into the arena. He and hla wlfa, nylBa, and chiklraa. Val, U. Lang, Aalto, a, and Gcag, d, Hla at Brentwood. Carta dayk" Mr Stewart aid. During ta ooano. Stephen, aald parenta velopment. U die demaa waAuita.

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Pets Tested Next? Ship in for Refit A Greek tanker. Michael Carraa. MMO tone, te In bqul- malt drydock lor refit aa ra- palra. The work, invilvtng rhangkig a propeOer aa aaft. T auppoa K la cruel to tiw rata In ta aara aenaa a It te cral lo youngatera. The SPCA te ceo- caraad with all unneceaaaiy aufferlng to all animate, whether iliey are rata. GUIto aald tat bccauia of their poor diet Uw rata a- ailevfd loironde. River powrr avelopment pro- ect haa baen ground lo a ait by two tmall weekly newa- papara. C Power Commliaion eent mm Into ta area te poat nollcaa of tair Intention to l eaki w alar llccncaa to develop dama at Mica Creak.

High' Arrow and Duncan Laa. Oregon and B. GeUing aald the aehool board will "mael ta injunettoo!

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I 'To ta beat of my knewl adge. Thb axperliant la papaie will print ta newa thla while he w I r a Rte fllea. I week tan they can get a together. Oretard, ion of former B. Or- our fteannan friend, card, never quite eanvinoed 'That'a none of your total- ora of ta local radio ataliora neaa.

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Hydro men. Pearkea and Mra. Pearkai ning daaa. Juna IT. Later that tey. Holiday at Jasper Mr. Robert Armstrong. Social meeting at L in Sioux St.

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BBmI Caught. Annie Bridgeg of Mount St. Available In brown or navy. Msi Mn. DonneU le the third ot her tamUy to celekrate a goldin aix dvers a ry. Her perenta.

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James A. George BstiyhUl celebrated m in Angtml at B. Vvilvm' Guild were toW avieatin sheet, blue sUk boots. Priudt Hmton. Morry fbaler, Mr. Herbert and baby Donna Jean Howe, Mr. In M O ngr. MBs J. AF J the children. Tka Now Ronson C. Baxter, ehlel factor: Pomeroy, this inotntag. Smeihuiat, glltx PleuTiod mcmay. Corbett, am emtarraaaed to death. Uwtenant-Colonel the Rlfbt Hob.

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Goorga, which waa Farmer, the brUc. Paul'a Cathedral of Mr. Models showing hats are Mrs. Ernest Albutt, left: Homer and Mrs. A milHnerv fashion show will be one of the highlights at the dogwood tea to be held In the grounds of the Veterans' Hospital on tVedneaday. I Lynne RuFtsell.

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I the frtnm'a aMler In pollahed I cotton dresses in white and i mauve and yellow, green and ocangr. They carried crescent' bouqueta of pale yellow chryaanihemuma. The groon. Farmer ai beat man. I ding balU wai cut by the I newlyweds. George, SI. Jimaa Palace. Mra, H.

In Osk Bay United Church. Doughty Davies of , Engelhard! Uhree-quarter aleevea. Slmmoni was matron of honor in s pink lace afternoon dreai. The groom had Mr. E Simmona aa beat man. Leaving for a honeymoon to Banff and Lake Loulae. Doughty Devlea wlO make their home at Dalhouaie Street when they return.

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June Auilliary to the A priyer. Memhera going by bua will 8T. Re- Wedneoday, June 31, view NO. M Smllh. In caae ot poor Suite Juna U. Baked poiatoct Use it also for lining broilet pans and avoid mesay cleanups. I ToHuy la the fortieth anni ovaafy of the birthday of Ihe duke of Edinburgh. June IS, tt pjn.