Mac terminal command to force empty trash

Select all the files and folders from the Trash folder, drag and drop them into Terminal window. Step 6. Now you can hit Return and then enter your administrator password to continue the operation.

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The deleting process will begin and might take a couple of minutes, depending on the size of files and folders you are deleting. Step 1. First off, turn off your Mac. Keep holding the keys until Apple logo appears on the screen.

Tried-and-True Solution: How to Force Empty Trash Mac

Next, it will open up a terminal in order to run a command. Step 3. Assuming you have been able to empty the trash on your Mac. It would be really nice if you share your feedback and let us know whether you have found success using these fixes. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Last Updated: August 11, pm. Sponsored Links.

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How to Force Empty Trash on Mac

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How to Force Empty Trash on Mac Effortlessly

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Go to Finder, then click on Preferences and then click on Advanced. Make sure Empty Trash Securely is not checked. If you had that checked for any reason, it would take a lot longer to empty the trash. Open Terminal by going to Applications , Utilities and Terminal and type in the following command:. Make sure you type it exactly as it appears above with no extra spaces or anything else.

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Using this command incorrectly can lead to deletion of files and folders you did not intend to delete. Emptying the trash using the Terminal is significantly faster than the traditional method of using the GUI. Note that using this command in the terminal does not delete the trash that is from external hard drives or other partitions, just the local files on your Mac.

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If this command is not working for you and the trash is not being emptied, you might have to run the command as sudo. To do that, just add sudo to the front:.