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Tossong 'em hoes And Rolling on fools on them folks Flossing 'em chains, we doing big thangs And busting on punks at close range This is the ways us gangsta's roll Sit back and watch us as we stroll. Snithces and Suckas done so cold Ahhh!

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Ice Cube, W. Connected For Life Feat.

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Check all my traps from Dodge to Fedco I'm all about the mix like a fuckin cesarge And out the gararge, is a Bentley Arnage With the brains blowed out, so the suns beeming I got a jacket drooming and the hoes fiening Since I'm Westside Connected I got a streets on hype I got big deals, big scrills, big wheels, big pipes [Verse 2: You broke ass niggas can't even stomach this [Verse 3: Nigga three time Dollas Six-doublewest nigga selling rich roll delling Throw it up, po it up, guns bust fo' fingas up Two twised in the middle with the thumb tucked Chevy mansion, dipping and assing, kicking us hacking Fo'-fo' macking and coat tacking Dub the hood and I'm in blue friend at 'em Front up the club, I'm duolete, do for talk and mack 'em trick [Chorus: Mack 10] Dope money and rapping shit I'm all with it And all I know is streets is how I spit it Chickenhawk see a bird, I gotta get it So if ya hood come up sho', then I'd probly get it If lil momma thick then I gotta hit it The children gotta be a magnum to me to fit it If you sherm on 'em stick then I'd probly lit it The red beem is on your weak so I'd probly spit it [Verse 5: Envie pra gente.

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Update your H1 Firmware Update 2. Using the H1 You can count on your H1 to deliver pristine audio wherever you go.

Recording live concerts and rehearsals. Capturing audio for video.

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Westside Connection-Gangsta Nation [HD]

File types supported The H1 records audio in two different basic file types: Accessories Here's what comes included with the H1: Media Video Video of Zoom H1: Video of Zoom H1: How to update Firmware. How to import files to computer.

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Downloads Images. How to upgrade your H1 Handy Recorder to v2. Compatible Application Software.

Zoom H1 Handy Recorder - v2. Specs Simultaneous recording tracks: Mini-B type USB 2.