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I know for sure the list of codecs in the quicktime folder beginning with "avid" are related but I don't know about any others.

Elmedia Player for Mac

I downloaded the latest codec 2. This gives a zip file, which, once extracted, is a clickable installer. There is no uninstall option that I am aware of. I did not check the location you are mentioning, but I have opened Adobe Media Encoder where I wanted to try it out and did not see any Avid codec there Thanks for the update.

Use Elmedia Player - alternative to MP4 codec for Mac

Had to install the codecs manually. Did you try to manually install the codecs as I suggested?

I'm sure your suggestion is a good one, but in an odd turn of phrase, after an error message popping up during install, I tried playing a dnx qt and it just worked! Having been told by the installer ap that the install had failed, I presumed that to be the case, but it actually worked. Very odd. Latest post Fri, Mar 1 PM by joerussell.

Reply Contact. Mac Pro with dual quad cor 2.

New Apple Prores Codec Os X

Hi, The Avid Codecs are intended for systems without Media Composer on them, to allow them to play files created with the Avid codecs. Media Composer Does the installer give an error of any type? Symphony v OS It turns out I just needed to update to 5. And I'm sure LE has been updated accordingly as well. Good to know it seems to work.

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With a little bit more search, I also eventually found it in Adobe Media Encoder. In conclusion, the installer reports an error but appears to install the codecs fine.

MPlayer OSX Extended

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